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All of the Medicare parts, A, B, C, D as well as F, G and N can be so confusing! The information is online, but it isn’t organized in a way that makes sense.

Save time and avoid making common mistakes by choosing an experienced broker. The best thing is, there is no cost to you!

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"Trinity provided great education about Medicare and the decisions I am facing. I can tell that she cares about people and is very knowledgeable and genuine. I will definitely work with Trinity to help make my decision."


Medicare 101

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Free Medicare Course

Trinity has created a 36 minute MEDICARE 101 Course where you can walk through Parts, A, B, C and D and Medigap plans when it is convenient to you. Click here for access to the course.

Trinity also has a blog with important information and updates about Medicare. Click here to access the blog.

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Each person’s situation is different. Trinity will help you zero in on the plan that best meets your needs and fits with your specific situation. Trinity has worked with Medicare beneficiaries since 2009; PERA retirees, Federal retirees, people with VA benefits, Medicaid beneficiaries!

She will take everything into consideration: your doctors, prescriptions, your location and your main concerns about healthcare.

Meeting with Trinity costs nothing and there is no obligation. She can meet with people anywhere in the greater Denver metro area. If you are farther away, she can also do a phone consultation.